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Who Are We?

The Sand and Sea Design Company was created by Geoff and Allison Gallant.

We are both born and raised on beautiful Vancouver Island.  Adventuring on the beach with family and friends has always been an important part of our lives.

My fascination for collecting beautiful stones started when I was a child on the beach near my home.  My friends and I would comb the beach for hours collecting pieces of Agate and Jasper.  Our beach adventures always brought a sense of peace, tranquility and connection.

As I got older my interests expanded into collecting and creating using beautiful stone beads... The Artisan part of me came alive and I have been creating jewellery ever since.  I was incredibly fortunate to find a partner who has creative flair as well.  Geoff is an amazing designer who has his own unique way of combining stones in jewellery that people love.  

Our website will be updated as often as possible as we create new pieces to share with all of our wonderful customers.

Courses Completed - International College of Energy Healing - Foundations in Crystal Healing - June 2017