Tiger Lily Pearls

Artist Bio:

My name is Julie Hawes and I am the creator of Tiger Lily Pearls. I grew up beside the Pacific Ocean in tropical Queensland, Australia. As a child I spent all my free time in the ocean, swimming, surfing and snorkeling and fossicking for shells along the beaches. My pearl addiction began when I was given a silver and cultured pearl bracelet for my 12th birthday. I really love the organic nature and luster of pearls and how they add a beautiful glow to your complexion and take on the warmth of your skin. I am especially fond of baroque and unusual pearls.  I enjoy the creative challenge of finding unique pearls and making beautiful jewellery which excites me and pleases my customers.
My husband and I live by the ocean in Parksville on Vancouver Island. I am always looking forward to being inspired by new travel adventures as well as returning to my tropical roots in Australia.
To contact Julie please email hawesje@shaw.ca