About - Meditation Malas

The Sand & Sea Design Company loves presenting uniquely designed Malas, aka "Jewellery with a Purpose".

Our Malas have been used as...

  • a "counter" for meditation focus
  • crystal therapy - each stone has its own amazing properties
  • colour therapy - each colour is associated with a chakra point 

Each necklace has been created through a meditation practice where every component is carefully selected to create the finished piece.  Our more traditional Malas are created using silk thread and hand knotted between each bead for strength and beauty.

Our Malas range in length.  Most created with 8 mm beads are quite long generally belly button length 32" to 34".  Our 6 mm necklaces are generally between 28"-30".  It depends on your personal body stature and torso length.

Re-stringing services are available.  Please enquire by email.  sandandseadesigncompany@gmail.com