"The Power of We"

I find that sometimes I come across information that really speaks to me...  I have been on a long and winding road that brings me closer each and every day to who I really am and my purpose for this amazing lifetime...  I was reading the newsletter created by Dawn Kirkham of Hidden Gem and the International College of Energy Healing and I felt the great need to share with my family, friends, customers and colleagues.  

"We want you to know that you all have access to universal wisdom.  You all have the ability to connect to guidance that will help you to navigate the twist and turns of life whenever you need it.  You do not need another to be the conduit or translator for you.  You are all you need.  You are spiritual energy in human form and you are past, present and future.  Life can chew you up and spit you out and it is these experiences that can either give you the impetus for a different experience or defeat you.  Don't be defeated.  Allow yourself to soar once more.  Your power is in your heart.  It is the purest and most exquisite energy.  It has the power to reconnect you to your higher self.  The spiritual you.  The you that is all knowing.  The you that is pure positive love.  When all around you is in chaos, go within.  Breathe.  Find your centre.  You are home."

A message channeled in partnership with Dawn from the "Power of We"